High Quality Academic Programs

Slater’s coursework is intellectually rigorous and engaging for all of our students, offering an engaging STEAM curriculum. We offer an Advanced Pathways track, a program that identifies and places students in advanced courses as early as 5th grade. Learn more.

Innovative Enrichment Opportunities

With enrichments like band, sports, art and robotics, and more, Slater is a place where scholars can explore a variety of subjects to discover their full potential.

PBSA Pre-K Program

PBSA provides free, high quality Pre-K instruction to 4-year-olds in our neighborhoods. Slater offers three Pre-K classes, which is triple the number of Pre-K seats that were available in South Atlanta before our partnership. Learn more.

PBSA Farm Program

Slater has a school farm that teaches scholars the value of creating and participating in their own food systems. Learn more about Slater’s farm program. Learn more.


Jovan Miles

Jovan Miles has served as an inner city and urban educator for over 13 years. He completed all of his post-secondary education at Georgia State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Educational Research, and a Specialist’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

Jovan Miles

We are thrilled to invite your child to join us for Pre-K at Purpose Built Schools Atlanta. We still have available enrollment spots for Pre-K. Enroll today for the 2023-2024 school year!