High Quality Academic Programs

Price’s coursework is intellectually rigorous and engaging for all of our students, offering an engaging STEAM curriculum. Learn more.

Innovative Enrichment Opportunities

With enrichments like band, sports, art and robotics, and more, Price is a place where scholars can explore a variety of subjects to discover their full potential.

PBSA Advanced Pathways Program

Price offers an Advanced Pathways track that identifies and places students in advanced courses. Scholars will earn high school credit while at Price.

PBSA Farm Program

Price Middle School has a beautiful farm in sprout. Mrs. Thomas and her Wildcat A&T students, along with support from a local urban farmer, have set the foundation for what will become a source of healthy food options for the South Atlanta community. Learn more.

Price Middle School Highlights

Luqman Abdur-Rahman


Mr. Luqman Abdur-Rahman has held numerous leadership roles in APS. At Price Middle School, Mr. Abdur-Rahman has led the implementation of a school-wide social emotional learning program to address the emotional needs of both students and staff. He has also spearheaded the cultural and instructional shifts necessary to create sustained growth in student achievement in the Carver Cluster.

Luqman Abdur-Rahman