How Are We Different?

Our unique model creates a collaborative and supportive environment that honors the dedication of our teachers and provides autonomy for them to explore new ideas and innovative approaches to meet the needs of the students and the community.
Some specific ways we are different include:

  • an extended school day schedule that affords greater learning and enrichment opportunities for students and allows teachers time to collaborate, plan and learn.
  • a project-based learning instructional method that empowers teachers to guide students as creative critical thinkers in problem-solving and real-world applications.
  • schools that are designed to be the center of community life, with counselors, therapists, family engagement teams and even lawyers to help care for our students.
  • competitive salaries and a robust professional development program designed to develop leaders and help our teachers explore their strengths and areas for growth.

Help Us Make A Difference

We are seeking highly driven educators with a passion for helping students, schools and neighborhoods realize their full potential. Our teachers have a fierce belief in their students, a relentless commitment to working hard and the tenacity to do hard work.

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