High Quality Academic Programs

Carver STEAM’s coursework is intellectually rigorous and engaging for all of our students, offering AP classes and an engaging STEAM curriculum. For the 2022-23 school year, we are introducing two new academic tracks: a new Ninth Grade Academy at Carver STEAM, as well as an Advanced Pathways track, a program that identifies and places students in advanced courses as early as 5th grade. Learn more.

Innovative Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to enrichments like band, sports, art and robotics, Carver STEAM students have been building an airplane! The project has helped students learn valuable lessons in engineering, aviation and hands on machining to help inspire the next generation of pilots and engineers.

College and Career Readiness

Our robust college and career readiness program prepares scholars for life after high school. Students graduate from Carver STEAM empowered to continue their education and achieve their dream careers.


Carver STEAM is the only high school in Atlanta to offer P-TECH, a free multi-year program from IBM that equips students with a degree from Atlanta Technical College and the technical skills needed to get their dream careers right out of school. Learn more.

Carver STEAM Academy Highlights

Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller is an engaging, innovative and experienced school administrator and educator. With more than a decade of experience that includes leading a high performing charter school, he has served as assistant principal at both the John Lewis Invictus Academy and Benjamin E. Mays High School. Mr. Fuller’s educational career began as a classroom teacher and leader at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate and Tri-Cities High School.