High Quality Academic Programs

Carver STEAM’s coursework is intellectually rigorous and engaging for all of our students, offering AP classes and an engaging STEAM curriculum. For the 2022-23 school year, we are introducing two new academic tracks: a new Ninth Grade Academy at Carver STEAM, as well as an Advanced Pathways track, a program that identifies and places students in advanced courses as early as 5th grade. Learn more.

Advanced Placement Courses
AP Human Geography
AP World History
AP US History
AP Language & Composition
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
AP Psychology
AP Literature

Honors Courses
Algebra I Honors
Algebra II Honors
Geometry Honors
Government/Civics Honors
9th Grade Literature Honors
10th Grade Literature Honors
Physics Honors
Biology Honors
Human Anatomy Honors

Innovative Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to enrichments like band, sports, art and robotics, Carver STEAM students have been building an airplane! The project has helped students learn valuable lessons in engineering, aviation and hands on machining to help inspire the next generation of pilots and engineers.

Opportunities include:

Audio Visual Technology & Film
Visual Arts

College and Career Readiness

Our robust college and career readiness program prepares scholars for life after high school. Students graduate from Carver STEAM empowered to continue their education and achieve their dream careers.

The Class of 2023 at Carver STEAM Academy has brought in close to $6.5 million in scholarships to pursue their post-secondary dreams.

Aviation Program

The Aviation Program at Carver STEAM Academy, in partnership with Tango Flight, Airbus, and Delta Airlines, encourages students to learn social and technical skills required to work in the aviation industry while building a Vans RV-12is airplane. Watch video.


Niomi Henry

Ms. Henry brings more than two decades of extensive educational and leadership experience, including as a vice principal, school effectiveness specialist, instructional coach, and teacher. Previously, she served as assistant principal at Carver STEAM Academy where she played a critical role in the school’s academic achievement during her six-year tenure. Her contributions were instrumental in the removal of Carver STEAM Academy from all Georgia Department of Education school improvement lists in 2023.

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