Innovating Schools. Inspiring Minds.

The neighborhoods of south Atlanta have been served by schools that have not historically ensured opportunity for all the students in their care. Atlanta Public Schools (APS) recognized it was time for a change for this community, so they joined forces with Purpose Built Schools to give Slater Elementary, Thomasville Heights Elementary, Price Middle and Carver High School the support they need to thrive.

Best of Both Worlds
Purpose Built Schools has the same strengths of a charter school to meet the needs of the students through local leadership, while still operating as a traditional neighborhood school that benefits the families living in the community. This first-of-its-kind partnership with APS allows us to have the best of both worlds.

If You Live Here, You Go Here
Purpose Built Schools is solely responsible for recruiting, hiring, supervising and evaluating all school personnel, and every adult at our schools is a Purpose Built Schools employee.

At the same time, each school remains a traditional neighborhood school with a defined attendance zone like every other APS school. If you live in our neighborhoods, your child is guaranteed attendance in our schools.