Health Tips for Preventing COVID-19

As we continue navigating these unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19, our school nurses are here to help even while schools are closed. Please call Nurse Eversley or Nurse Richie for medical advice during school hours.

Nurse Eversley: 770-696-6788
Nurse Richie: 404-874-8607

Tips for Preventing Coronavirus/COVID-19

Coronavirus is VERY contagious and not only lives on surfaces, but can also be spread by
standing too close to someone who is infected.

Children and young people can get sick too!

It is so important to wash your hands often for 30 seconds and STOP touching your face.

Clean your home DAILY: use soap and water (or disinfectant spray/wipes) to clean things in your house that a lot of people touch: phones, computer keyboards, handles, and door knobs.

Please practice social distancing—this means to always stand at least 6 feet away from people in public, even when outside at parks or while waiting in line to pick-up food at school.

If you or someone in your household feels a little sick (especially if they develop a fever and/or cough), immediately quarantine (find a place for the sick person to be alone with little to no contact with anyone). Make sure to keep washing your hands!

If you or someone in your household feels very sick (high fever for multiple days, trouble breathing), Whitefoord Health clinics are open to assist members of our community. You can call their hotline (470-427-2634 ext. 123) or go to their website (

Print out this helpful flyer with the school’s nurse information and prevention tips. Make sure everyone in your home understands how to stay healthy and prevent the spread of Coronavirus!

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