Why I Choose Purpose: A Teacher’s Perspective

This time last year, I was presented with Carver STEAM’s Teacher of the Year award. The entire Carver family cheered and celebrated my accomplishment as we gathered in our usual meeting space. We laughed, hugged, reflected on the year, but most importantly, we were all together.

Little did we know that a year later we would be adapting to social distancing protocols and online learning.

Although we have been apart, I’ve actually felt more connected to colleagues and the Purpose Built Schools Atlanta community. From check-in phone calls to heartfelt email exchanges, I choose purpose because of the consistent love and support from my school’s faculty and staff. It is an honor to work amongst leaders who are able to support our students and be there for each other.

I am also proud of my students who have developed the skills of self-advocacy in order to be sure they receive the resources they need in order to be safe, healthy, and academically successful during this time.

I choose purpose because this organization has not only been supportive, but proactive and responsive to the current pandemic. I’m continually impressed by my colleague’s ability to rise under pressure and I believe Purpose Built Schools Atlanta is guided by knowledge, experience, and courage for the greater good.

When I think of Purpose Built Schools Atlanta, I think of opportunity. As I delighted in the glory of being honored as Teacher of the Year, I also considered how I can continue to make an impact as a teacher leader.

Educating youth with sufficient resources and facilitating a safe and conducive environment for learning is my priority. With the support of an organization that values leadership, I will continue support to my students’ hopes and dreams. Serving as an educator with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta reminds me that high-quality education matters, every day and we are making progress together. What’s your purpose?