Why I Choose Purpose: A Parent’s Perspective

I choose purpose because T. H. Slater Elementary School has helped me guide my kids on the right path toward educational success.

My daughter, a current second grader at Slater, is motivated everyday by her teachers and principal. She meets with the principal for one-on-one sessions to enhance her horizons. It means so much to me that the principal takes time to get to know each student and loves to be involved!

My son, a former student at Slater who is now a freshman in high school, has continued to maintain his A/B honor roll and looks forward to going to college.

Needless to say, Slater is not only a school! It feels more like family. The teachers and principals strive to motivate their students to continue down a path towards success.

I love the impact and educational foundation Slater has had on my kids. It is something that you wish every parent could experience at any school.