Mitigating Negative Impacts of Systemic Racism – It’s Possible and It Starts Right Here

At the tragic cost of many lives, 2020 shined a harsh spotlight on how systemic racism permeates America. Our goal at Purpose Built Schools is to create life-changing opportunities for students and families. We do that by explicitly identifying and dismantling the systems of racism that are barriers to those life-changing opportunities. That approach informs… Continue Reading →

Fighting for Equity for LGBTQ Students

At age 22, I was handed my birth certificate, social security card and passport and told I had 10 days to leave my home. My nightmare was coming true. My Haitian parents had finally discovered my secret: I am gay. I was no longer welcome. I was being discarded. I tried to be perfect but… Continue Reading →

Addressing Racial Justice and Equity Through Culturally Relevant Curriculum

At Purpose Built Schools Atlanta, we define ourselves as a group of individuals who are committed to racial justice and equity. We empower students to become change agents who create positive, long-lasting impact in their communities. We do this through authentic and culturally relevant project-based instruction alongside enrichment, a safe and positive climate and culture,… Continue Reading →

Why I Choose Purpose: A Teacher’s Perspective

This time last year, I was presented with Carver STEAM’s Teacher of the Year award. The entire Carver family cheered and celebrated my accomplishment as we gathered in our usual meeting space. We laughed, hugged, reflected on the year, but most importantly, we were all together. Little did we know that a year later we… Continue Reading →

Strong Leaders Fight to Make Equity a Priority in Education

Given the national conversation around the failures of our country’s system of education, this may sound a little bit crazy, but I am deeply hopeful about the future of our schools. We are gradually seeing schools embrace authentic and inquiry-based models of instruction like project-based learning. We are learning about how to create trauma-informed schools,… Continue Reading →

Equity Matters: Why Not All Schools Are Equal

Atlanta is my hometown. I grew up here, I’ve raised my family here, and I suspect I’ll always live here. I love pretty much everything about Atlanta: our neighborhoods, the parks, the restaurants, the Braves. It’s always been a place of economic opportunity, too, and as someone who has worked in Atlanta’s city government, community… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Mindfulness

“Alright guys. Find a safe place for you in the room and prepare to go inward. It’s just you in this safe place so give yourself a moment to just breathe. “Relax your eyes, drop your shoulders and simply breathe. As the thoughts come, acknowledge them and let them pass by, refocusing on your breathing.”… Continue Reading →

The Cracked Mirror

In this essay, Price Middle School Principal Luqman Abdur-Rahman considers how the work of an educator in a turnaround school is like that of a revolutionary, working to transform a system that has historically kept students from uncovering their true potential. In ‘The Cracked Mirror,’ Principal Abdur-Rahman explains why the work starts from within the educator. Continue Reading →

Education is the Gateway

When I was just 13 years old, I walked eight blocks, caught the subway, then walked another five blocks to get to my highly competitive school across the city. The trip was about one and a half hours each way. Continue Reading →