Project-Based Learning Events Spark Student Interest in Real-Life Topics

Across our schools, we celebrate student achievement with the opportunity for students to present their project-based learning studies to their peers and community.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional approach that provides opportunities for students to collaborate and drive their own learning through an extended course of study of a real-life topic that is applicable to their lives.

When students work to solve a problem that is important to them, it drives their need to understand the mathematics, language, science, history, economics, civics, and geography concepts within each topic. The students use this knowledge from the classroom to help solve the real world problems presented with each project.

Recently, Thomasville Heights Elementary School, Slater Elementary School and Price Middle School held their quarterly Project-Based Learning Entry Events and Showcases to either kick off their PBL topics or present findings from their nine-week, in-depth studies on different topics.

View the galleries below to see student PBL Showcase presentations.

Thomasville Heights Elementary PBL Showcase

Slater Elementary PBL Showcase

Price Middle School PBL Showcase

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