PBSA Distributes Chromebooks to Families That Need Them During School Closures

Narrowing the digital divide– commonly defined as the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not– has never been more critical. Any technological equity gap can potentially worsen the inequality already plaguing many American schools.

Therefore, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta is fully committed to ensuring that all of our students have access to a Chromebook so they can participate in quality, reliable remote learning until schools can safely reopen.

So far, we have distributed 567 devices covering 774 of our 1,600 students and believe we have reached nearly all of those who have self-identified as needing a device. We are currently working on filling gaps to make certain we meet the technology needs of each and every PBSA student.

Distributions took place at each of our four schools, with volunteers and staff working around the clock to get devices cleaned, inventoried, and ready to hand off to our families without access to technology in the home.

While distributions at the schools have been completed, any families still in need of a Chromebook should contact their principal for an individual drop-off.

PBSA is also working with APS to ensure that all students have access to WiFi and internet connectivity.

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