People aren’t used to the idea of consistent and targeted effort over 10 years, especially in an education space where superintendents and boards change every 4 years and goals are generally measured in short term metrics. However, there are areas in our lives where we think about things in 10-year increments or longer. No important social cause has been achieved in the short term, including the turnaround at Drew Charter School.
Our metrics for success include:

  • All four cluster schools are in the top 25% in the state on CCRPI and student performance measures
  • Carver High School graduation and college enrollment rates are in the top 25% in the state
  • Student mobility has been reduced to 10% at each school
  • All four schools are fully enrolled; 15% of students transfer from out of attendance zone
  • Students are engaged and successful outside of academics
  • We have the highest parent participation in our PTA in APS
  • The THES and Carver HS neighborhoods are safe, with high-quality, affordable housing options and median incomes at 40% level of state average

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