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Academic Recovery Plan: How We’re Closing the Learning Gap Following the Pandemic

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The 2020-21 school year faced unprecedented challenges. Our students, like students across the state and nation, inevitably experienced a learning gap due to the pandemic and school closures. For our students, the shuttering of schools has resulted in a slow-moving tragedy, both from an academic standpoint and from a social-emotional health perspective.

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Virtual Learning: What We’re Doing Differently This Fall

By Diona Williams PBL Coordinator at Purpose Built Schools Atlanta When COVID-19 arrived in Atlanta last spring, our buildings closed abruptly and virtual school was–unexpectedly and quickly–in session. We made the most of an unprecedented situation. We acted quickly to gather resources with little notice. Educators logged countless hours in front of a webcam to … Continue Reading →

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Building Bridges: How Urban Farming Formed an Unlikely Partnership

When Ayanna Burroughs, a teacher at Thomasville Heights Elementary School (THES), reached out to Tania Herbert, Urban Agriculture Coordinator at The Paideia School, she hoped to learn from Paideia’s thriving farm program so she could start one at THES. Both educators, located in very different parts of the city–southeast Atlanta and Druid Hills, wanted to encourage students to make change in their communities by learning how to decrease food insecurity through urban farming.

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Why I Choose Purpose: A Parent’s Perspective

By Bethany Thomas, Ed. S.Director of Robotics, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta I choose purpose because T. H. Slater Elementary School has helped me guide my kids on the right path toward educational success. My daughter, a current second grader at Slater, is motivated everyday by her teachers and principal. She meets with the principal for … Continue Reading →

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More Than Just Robots!

By Bethany Thomas, Ed. S.Director of Robotics, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta Robotics has always been part of my everyday life. For years I coached my daughter’s robotics team, and I have been fascinated with science, technology and coding since I was a child. My parents encouraged my interests and enrolled me in computer classes and … Continue Reading →

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Encouraging Literacy: How Reading Can Transform a School

By Intiasar Frankson Media Specialist, Thomasville Heights Elementary At Thomasville Heights Elementary School (THES), we have a strong focus on literacy, with the awareness that reading is the core of all learning. Studies have shown that just reading 20 minutes a day can positively impact a student’s academic growth substantially. THES has an ongoing mission … Continue Reading →

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