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Purpose Built Schools of Atlanta provides resources for families facing eviction

The Center for Disease Control’s moratorium, which prevented evictions for tenants who cannot pay rent due to the impact of COVID-19, is no longer being enforced due to recent actions by the U.S. Supreme Court. This means tenants can now be evicted by their landlord if they cannot pay rent, regardless of the impact by COVID-19. Purpose Built Schools provides resources for families who may be facing eviction under the current circumstances.

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A Year of Silver Linings: What We Learned About Education During the Pandemic

An adage I heard once taught me that there are two types of people. One looks out at a barren, desolate terrain and feels despair and hopelessness. The other looks out at that same landscape and sees endless opportunities and possibilities. The former generally makes excuses about what “could have been,” and how they are cursed by bad luck, while the latter works to create a new reality.

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New murals inspire students, celebrate Black excellence

What do Kamala Harris, Colin Kaepernik, John Lewis, George Washington Carver and Barack and Michelle Obama have in common? They are titans of Black excellence in their respective fields. But perhaps most relevant to students in the south Atlanta community: they are the latest additions to a series of inspiring murals at Carver STEAM Academy organized by COR.

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Summer programs will help close learning gaps following pandemic

Purpose Built Schools Atlanta is offering challenging, fun summer programs to approximately 250 elementary school, middle school and special education students to help close the learning gap for students who have fallen behind due to the pandemic and school closures. The six-week, free, in-person sessions will take place June 7 to July 2 at Price Middle School.

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Why the Partnership School Model Works–Now More Than Ever

By Greg Giornelli President, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta It’s no secret that we believe in doing things a little differently around here. At Purpose Built Schools, we have the benefit of running Partner Schools. Five years ago, in a first-of-its-kind agreement, Atlanta Public Schools contracted with us to operate Thomasville Heights Elementary School, and subsequently … Continue Reading →

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