Carver Students Participate in Internship and Mentoring Programs

Xavier Morgan, a senior at Carver STEAM Academy, knew that he wanted to make the most out of his time in high school.

He decided to take advantage of Purpose Built Schools’ Internship Program to prepare himself for the future.

He signed up for the program and indicated his interest in learning about city politics. First, he was selected to intern for Matt Westmoreland, Post 2 At Large City Council Member. His second internship was with Andre Dickens, Post 3 At Large City Council Member.

“My internships taught me to work hard,” says Xavier. “I learned that even small tasks, like helping send out holiday cards or helping around the office, are important and contribute to the good work city members do.”

Xavier enjoyed getting to see a day in the life of the city council members. He was fortunate to get to be around the Mayor occasionally.

“This experience helped prepare me for the future by showing me that hard work pays off,” says Xavier. “You can use that to give back to your community.”

Xavier signed up to be a mentor at Price Middle School to help students overcome the same challenges he faced in middle school. “I like to remind them not to do some of the things I did,” says Xavier. He has helped around 10 mentees with homework, school work, and whatever problems they faced.

Xavier will graduate from Carver in a few weeks and is headed to Georgia Southern University in the fall.

“Some of my favorite memories have been on the football field,” he says. He played as a linebacker for Carver all four years.

“I’ll miss the pride and support the Carver community has shown me. I had a great time at prom this year. I’m looking forward to college and starting the next phase of my life!”

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