Amid COVID Pandemic Atlanta School Children and Their Families to Receive Thousands of CARE Packages

(9 am, June 18) – Atlanta-based humanitarian organization, CARE, is partnering with Atlanta Public Schools, CHRIS 180, Concrete Jungle, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta and the YMCA of Metro Atlanta to form a summer COVID feeding coalition. The organizations will provide 150,000 meals to Atlanta area school children and their families. Participating families can sign up to receive food through deliveries and walk-up distribution locations at no cost to them at least until the end of the summer.

“Families have enough to worry about with the pandemic and tough economic times,” says Ryan Shepard, Executive Director of the CARE Global Innovation Hub. “They should know where their next meal is coming from. This is just one of CARE’s initiatives to help address the global food crisis. With the pandemic it was clear that many families are in desperate need of help to put food on their tables.”

On top of providing meals, CARE and partners will help provide jobs for educators and social service workers who may live on partial year salaries or depend on working summer programs to supplement their income. These professionals will staff the delivery, packaging, and distribution centers alongside partners from gig platforms like TaskRabbit, Lyft, and Uber.
“We are excited to collaborate with a team of professionals who are eager to serve their community, while earning much needed supplemental income,” Shepard said.

This effort will include more than 35 paid summer jobs for educators and social workers. The goal is to expand the program in future to other cities including Houston, Louisville, and Chicago.

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