These Neighborhoods Deserve Better

The communities of south Atlanta, the most concentrated area of chronic poverty in Georgia, deserve access to safe, nurturing schools in their neighborhoods that are sources of pride and identity. With high-performing schools, neighborhoods improve and become places where families want to stay.

The schools in our neighborhoods serve some of the most under-served families living in poverty in the state.

  • Carver STEAM Academy has the most students living in poverty of any high school in Georgia.
  • Price Middle School and Thomasville Heights Elementary School have the second most students living in poverty for any middle and elementary schools in Georgia.
  • Slater Elementary School has the 37th highest number of students living in poverty for an elementary school in Georgia.

The neighborhoods of south Atlanta have been served by schools that have not historically ensured opportunity for all the students in their care.

  • For three of the past four years, Thomasville Heights Elementary has been the lowest-ranked school in Georgia.
  • All schools are in the bottom 5 percent of schools in the state, with student populations that are 95 percent African-American and on free and reduced lunch.

These students and families deserve better.

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