Purpose Built Schools will operate a K–12 feeder pattern of traditional public schools, but with the flexibility and full autonomy of a charter school. This unique approach allows us to combine the best of both traditional neighborhood schools and charter programs. We attract great teachers because we make an investment in their careers through ongoing professional development, highly competitive salaries, and access to resources. Teachers are also bolstered by a support system of community partners and engaged parents.

We Support Professional Development

  • Purpose Built Schools values our teachers, and we emphasize adequate training, professional development, instructional support, and access to resources.
  • Professional development is the cornerstone of our high-quality instructional model where we stress instructional excellence, provide training on interacting with traumatized children, and foster a strong culture geared towards the social and emotional learning needs of our children.

We Deliver the Tools & Support

  • All Purpose Built Schools teachers receive the tools and support necessary to deliver high-quality instruction.
  • We have a very intentional staffing model that offers on-site instructional coaches at every school, and cluster-wide coordinators for the fundamental building blocks of our instructional model (i.e., literacy, math, PBL/STEAM). These resources are dedicated to ensuring all instructors have the tools and support that they need to deliver high-quality instruction that is consistent throughout the grades and schools.

Above Average Salaries

We are building an innovative and attractive culture for high-performing teachers, and will invest in our teachers with increased salaries, performance bonuses, and high quality professional development.

  • We can offer salaries at one step above Atlanta Public Schools, which translates to approximately $1,000 or 1.6% more each year for comparable experience at APS.

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